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Injection Molding Unit Value Cost Analysis

The unit value cost analysis is designed to give you a realistic idea of your probable savings with PSG's Kostrate® Edge. To fill out the UVCA you will need the following information. Changes can be made in your UVCA but only make changes in the light blue boxes.

1. Specific gravity of Kostrate® and comparison material. (Also, if drying is necessary for comparison material).
2. Cost per lb. of Kostrate® and comparison material.
3. Annual volume of the application (lbs.).
4. Cycle times for comparison material and estimated Kostrate® cycle times (based on similar applications).
5. Number of cavities in the mold.
6. Cost of machine rate per hour.
7. Cost of drying (carbon footprint) based on power grid national study.
8. Cost of splay / rejects as reported by custom molder.

Part A. Below you will find a direct cost/lb. analysis between the two products. As you can see, there is a significant percentage of savings with Kostrate®.
PSG Material Competing Material
Specific Gravity
Unit Weight (g) 15.91
Units / lb.(454g) 28.5436
Material Cost (US$ / lb) $ $
Unit Cost $ 0.0547 $ 0.0617
$ Savings / Unit $ 0.0070 LBS (yr.) Savings
$ Savings / lb. (454g) $ 0.2004 x $ 20039.60

Part B. In addition to looking at the above savings in a cost/lb. relationship, you may also look at just the specific gravity relationship to see how that provides part of your savings.  This can be seen by keeping the material cost the same for both products.
PSG Material Competing Material
Specific Gravity
Unit Weight (g) 133.47 150.00
Units / lb.(454g) 3.4014 3.0267
Material Cost / lb.(454g)
$ 1.7000
$ 1.7000
Unit Cost $ 0.4998 $ 0.5617
$ Savings / Unit $ 0.0619 LBS (yr.) Savings
$ Savings / lb. (454g) $ 0.2105 x 300000.00 $ 63142.86

Part C. In regards to machine cost, you can see how cycle time and machine rate will alter your direct savings in dollars.
PSG Material Competing Material
Cycle Time / Unit (Secs)
Number of Cavities  
Units per Minute 1.034482759 9.2308
Units per Hour 62.06896552 553.8462
Machine Rate / Hour $ 45.00 $
Machine Cost / Unit $ 0.7250 $ 0.7500 Units Savings
Machine Savings / Unit $ 0.0250 x 908000 $ 22700.00


Part D. In regards to machine cost, you can see how cycle time and machine rate direct savings in dollars.
Lower Processing Temp / Energy $ $ 9000.00
No Drying $ $ 21000.00
Splay / Rejects $ $ 6000.00
Processing / Stability / Burnt $ $ 0.00
  Carbon Footprint    

SAVINGS $ 154842.86
Our water clear lines offer superior performance and significant savings resulting in a higher profit margin.

Our mission at Plastic Selection Group, Inc. is to be a valuable and profitable partner in material selection and development for plastic manufacturers, component processors and end-users across the globe.

We offer cost-saving, custom-resin formulations that fulfill the requirements of your specific application.

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