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About Us

Plastic Selection Group, Inc. consults with you on a local basis while providing access to a world of sourcing options.

PSG is a group of application engineers and polymer chemists whose decades of combined experience have addressed the resin development of water clear thermoplastics.

As a resin development corporation we now offer the broadest group of water clear resins in the world. 

Our resins are BPA Free and contain no phthalates or antimony compounds

Our water clear lines offer superior performance and significant savings resulting in a higher profit margin.

Our mission at Plastic Selection Group, Inc. is to be a valuable and profitable partner in material selection and development for plastic manufacturers, component processors and end-users across the globe.

We offer cost-saving, custom-resin formulations that fulfill the requirements of your specific application.

Our resins are the choice for replacement for many co-polymer polyesters including Eastman Tritan. Our materials offer many advantages including:
✔ Lower cost
✔ No drying
✔ Custom formulations based on application
✔ Ease of processing

We successfully replace TritanTM! Our materials produce more parts per pound of resin due to its lower specific gravity, process at lower temperatures and require no drying. All of these factors contribute to increased profit!  

We are the choice in
water clear thermoplastic resins!

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