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We have filled the gap between the brittle clears and engineered clears offering families of water clear resins which save:

Price- our resins are competitively priced and have low specific gravity, producing more parts per pound

Processing- our materials process at lower temperatures, lower pressures and faster cycles, do not require drying, and have a lower splay and reject rate.

Performance- produce parts which perform at or above the quality standards of your application

We are the choice in water clear thermoplastic resins!

PSG is an application engineering and polymer chemist group whose decades of combined experience has resulted in the development of new families of water clear thermoplastics which include:

Kostrate® Sizzle

Kostrate® Edge 8

Kostrate® Edge



Kostrate® PC

In addition, PSG's materials are FDA compliant, UL, NSF, and MED VI approved.

FDA Letter  Click Here

Our resins are BPA Free (except PC) and contain no phthalates or antimony compounds

Our water clear lines offer superior performance and significant savings resulting in a higher profit margin.

We offer alternatives to TritanTM and many other additional traditional lines of clear thermoplastic resins.

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