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Get the clarity and impact performance of PC, PETG, PVC and Impact Acrylic with a significant cost savings!

What market are you servicing?

PSG's unique families of clear thermoplastics offer opportunities in several markets:

Point of Purchase Sport Water Bottles
Major and Small Appliance Writing Instruments
Storage and Shelving Office Furniture & Accessories
Housewares Infant Care
Personal Care Medical Devices


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News Flash

A new study links preterm births to exposure to phthalates, a group of hormone-mimicking chemicals widely used in making flexible and durable plastics, and many other products such as adhesives, detergents, soaps, and beauty products.

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 A Global Offering

The opportunity to use Kostrate is now spanning across the world with manufacturing in Asia and soon to come in Europe!

Chemical Threat in Plastics?
“Experts fear “Bisphenol A” a chemical in everyday plastics, could harm people.”

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